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Are you a high school student embarking on the college search and application process?


Are you a parent who is tired of the stress and anxiety of college applications taking over your household?


Are you an international student with dreams of attending college in the United States but worried you won’t be able to navigate the system yourself?


Are you a ninth or tenth grader who is planning your college application from now (smart kid!)?


Are you parents who wonder how you can afford your son or daughter’s education at an American college or university?


Let me help!  Uncommon Application Services is here to lead the way through any or all of the college application process.  My UNcommon approach is to combine professional knowledge and experience with a level of personal service that exceeds my clients’ expectations.  I am truly invested in the success of each of my students.


Uncommon Application Services

College Application Advising. Let Us Lead the Way.

Hello, my name is Elaine Seremetis. I have been an educator in many capacities for decades, during which time I cultivated the skills to motivate each student to reach their potential. I develop strategies of working with students based on their personality and learning style, setting up a relationship that empowers the student to bring out his or her own voice.


"In a world of impersonal services and detached professionalism we were very lucky and made the

best possible choice. Thank you Elaine for being our counsellor, champion and friend. It would have been a rocky ride without you."


Students who are TOLD what to do lose interest and are easily distracted. Uncommon Application Services ENGAGES students to create applications representing their authentic BEST SELF.

Remember, it’s not WHERE you go, but WHAT you do when you’re there!

Need more details? Contact me!

I am here to assist. Contact me by phone or email anytime.


Q:  I have a friend who applied to 18 schools and another who applied to 3. What is the right number of applications to submit?


A:  While there is no perfect number, I advise a range of 6-10 applications. This allows for a balance of Reach/Possible/Probable schools to give you a good opportunity to have options. Applying to more than ten adds time and stress that takes away from your important senior year coursework, and applying to only a few schools may leave you with no options.

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