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Hello, my name is Elaine Seremetis and I am passionate about college applications!


As background, I am a wife and mother of two grown sons.  My life has taken many turns over the years; from the performing arts to the fitness world, from public and private schools to community outreach, and from world travel to living overseas in Europe and the Middle East.  The common threads running through my life experiences include teaching, mentoring, leadership, and teamwork.


I have worked with and learned from educators in the United States, Greece, and the United Arab Emirates.  I have tremendous respect for the work of schools all over the world. I have seen, firsthand, how students thrive in education systems both in and out of the United States, including my own sons in their International Baccalaureate school.


My mission is to help students transition to the college or university that will be the springboard for the rest of their lives.  I work with students to empower them to speak through their voice.  Success is measured differently for each individual, and my priority is to help students find their own path toward a fulfilling future.  Each college search and application is unique, and I truly enjoy the challenges and discoveries every student brings to my practice.


Uncommon Application Services teams up with each student to create an application representing his or her authentic best self. Ultimately, the college application is a vehicle through which admissions personnel get to know the student and determine what he or she will contribute to their college community.  Helping students weave their unique personal narrative into the college application is a particularly important aspect of what I do.

Member Of:

The Goals of Uncommon Applicaton Services Are:
  • To guide students and parents through the application process, step by step, so they feel less overwhelmed and more in control.

  • To help students discover colleges and universities that meet the “right fit” criteria: academically, socially, and financially. Sometimes, these are schools completely off the radar, schools not discussed during counselor and family meetings.

  • To help students create an application that will stand out and be worthy of acceptance at the student’s choice schools.  


  • To continuously improve my professional knowledge through research, college visits, conferences, networking with other professionals, and continuing education.


When it comes to essays and interviews, the why is even more important than the what:  WHY are you passionate about working with children? WHY do you want to become a doctor?  WHY is tennis your favorite sport?

Need more details? Contact me!

I am here to assist. Contact me by phone or email anytime.

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