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While living overseas with my husband and two sons, I observed, firsthand, the benefits and challenges for students applying to the United States from overseas.  Benefits include the multitude and varied life experiences they bring to a campus community, cultural and racial diversity, and perspectives that can elevate classroom discussions.  Admissions personnel find these characteristics very desirable. On the other hand, challenges can be numerous, such as lack of knowledge about US colleges and universities and the college app process, an academic and/or native language other than English, a different learning style embedded in a student from a foreign curriculum, or, for non-US citizens, financial and visa matters.


I established Uncommon Application Services to address these challenges and help reduce the anxiety often felt by international families. Through my group seminars, parents and students learned the step-by-step process of US college applications.  This led to consulting for individual students and my working knowledge of foreign curriculums.  I have also advised international schools that needed guidance in order to support their students applying to colleges in the United States.


Uncommon Application Services offers the following to international families:


  • Flexibility across time zones.  I successfully conduct advising through Skype, Face Time, and email.


  • Understanding a variety of international curriculums such as International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate, & British A-levels


  • An understanding of how a student’s background influences my guidance: 


  • US student living abroad

  • Int’l passport holder living in the US

  • Int’l passport holder living in home country

  • Int’l passport holder living in a foreign country


  • Sensitivity to cultural backgrounds and learning styles that influence how a student presents him/herself.  I always endeavor to help the student reveal their true voice and their best qualities that will make them a competitive applicant


  • Evaluating services and support programs for international students at American colleges and universities


  • Understanding the common challenges of the US College Application process for international students


  • Advising families on financial and visa matters, such as required financial documentation, availability (or lack thereof) of financial aid at specific schools, and procedures to obtain student visas


  • Evaluating different options that may interest a student who is globally oriented:

  • 1st Year Abroad options

  • US colleges with four-year programs overseas, such as New York University, Syracuse, and Carnegie Mellon University

  • American curriculum universities based abroad, such as the American University of Beirut and Franklin University in Switzerland


  • An understanding of the cultural adjustment to the USA and the need for a welcoming campus community


Websites Focused on Internationals Applying to the US:


If an interview is not required, but offered, do it, and make sure you are well prepared.  This is an opportunity to add an extra layer to your application and help it stand out from the pack. Take advantage of it! If you cannot get to campus, interviews on Skype, InitialView, and with alumni in your area are widely accepted.

Need more details? Contact me!

I am here to assist. Contact me by phone or email anytime.

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